The Hottest CG Studios in 2012

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According to 3D World Mag - Ars Thanea is one of the 10 CG studios to look up to in 2012!
It’s a great honor - thank you!

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20 Things 2011

20 Things 2011So here it is, for the second year: our ‘20things’ from 2011!

We’ve taken 20 seminal (or just mental) events from the year on the internet and carefully weaved them together into a single illustration - this year crafted by us.

Your challenge? Name each of the 20 events.
To get involved and join the conversation simply follow us on Twitter and tweet
a link to the picture using the hashtag #20things, or like us on Facebook.

Agency: Ars Thanea
Executive Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski
Senior Digital Artist: Michal Lisowski

20 Things on:
Gizmodo PL
FastCompany Design
Creativity Online

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ars Thanea - The Art of Imagination

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone!

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JOB - Mobile Programmer

JOB - Mobile Programmer We are looking for Mobile Programmer to join one of our offices in Warsaw.
More details in Polish can be found here.

Spread the word - thank you!

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JSFL - #include & classes

Working lately with Flash Platform and JSFL I came across to the very useful tip on Please read it below.

In MyJSFLClass.jsfl

MyJSFLClass = function () {} = function ()
    fl.trace( "Hello World!" );

in script.jsfl

var JSFL_PATH = fl.configURI + "/path_to_jsfls/";
var included = {};
function include ( file )
   if ( included[file] ) { return; }
   included[file] = true;
   eval( JSFL_PATH + file + ".jsfl" ) );
var foo = new MyJSFLClass();;

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work in CS5.

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If you are interested in mobile application design, the overlapps is something for you. It showcases the greatest apps for yours iPhone, iPad and Android. You can find there lots of applications, links to them and their rating, issued by the users. Very recommendable.

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Mou is a Markdown editor for web developers, but it’s different than other ones. It allows to create HTML documents fast and easily. It has simple and clear interface which makes it easy to use not only for developers. Mou comes with lots of features: syntax highlighting, live preview, fullscreen mode, powerful actions, custom themes, HTML export, etc.. Unfortunately it is available only for Mac Os X.

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JOBS - Digital Artist/Illustrator & 3D Generalist Artist

Ars Thanea - The Art of ImaginationWe are looking for Digital Artist / Illustrator and 3D Generalist Artist to join one of our offices in Warsaw. Here you can find more details about the jobs (in polish - sorry!)

Spread the word, thank you!

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Gold Award for Hyundai i40 at ECB 2011

Gold Award for Hyundai i40 at ECB 2011 We are proud to announce that together with Hyundai Europe we received a Golden Award at Euro Car Body 2011 - 13th Global Car Body Benchmarking Conference! Beating Audi, Mercedes-Benz or BMW. We helped Hyundai technical team to prepare both print and onstage presentation of the new i40 as well as some of the video content including crash test in full CGI.

The winners of the EuroCarBody Award 2011 are:

1 – Hyundai with the new i40
2 – Audi with the new A6
3 – Mercedes-Benz with the new B-class
4 – BMW with the new 1 Series
5 – Mazda with the new CX-5

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AT at FITC 2012 Amsterdam

AT at FITC 2012 Amsterdam Bartlomiej Rozbicki and I will be speaking at FITC 2012 in Amsterdam on February 27-28.

For this occasion we’ve also created a conference Key Visual. As every year there will be some great lineup including - Mario Klingemann, Hillman Curtis, Andreas Muller (Nanika) to name a few. More info available here.

Are you guys coming?

Key Visual Credits:
Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski
Illustrator: Michal Dziekan

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