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processing.jpgWe’ve heard a lot about Processing lately. This year OFFF in Barcelona and NY we could see how beautiful things can be created with processing. What this magic world really means?
is (via Wiki) a programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) built for the electronic arts and visual design communities, which aims to teach the basics of computer programming in a visual context. One of the stated aims of Processing is to act as a tool to get non-programmers started with programming, through the instant gratification of visual feedback. It is a language that builds on the graphical side of the Java programming language, simplifying features and creating a few new ones.

Nervo TV (founded by Nando Costa) in cooperation with Barbarian Group did new identification for Fox Movies sci-fi and horror channel launched in Japan and Argentina. Based on combination of processing method and motion. It’s really something fresh and different. Combining math algorithms and graphic once again allow artists develop great results.

Via motiongrapher

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  1. Magnetosphere by Robert Hodgin. Audio by Trentemoller.


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