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flashat.jpgHello Guys! How many times while using Flash have you been dreaming about tool which could convert multiple bitmaps into Movie Clips or change their properties? We are happy to say that your dream just came true ;-) We prepared an extension for Flash (*.mxp file) which allows you to do these things pretty easily. By choosing options in this nice Flash panel you are able to:

- Change quality of multiple bitmaps in library (lossless / 0-100% JPEG)
- Allow smoothing for multiple bitmaps
- Convert multiple library items into Movie Clips
- Set Movie Clip registration point


1. Download Adobe Extension Manager, install it and click on AT Assets Panel.mxp file.

2. In Flash from the main menu choose: Window -> Other Panels -> AT Assets Panel

3. Open Library (Ctrl+L), mark as many objects as you want and click Convert to MC.
If you want to change bitmap properties e.g. image quality set right option and click Apply.

Simple and useful. In the future we are planning to expand this extension more. Enjoy! ;-)
Thanks to Tomek & Peter.

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9 Responses to “AT Assets Panel”

  1. Well done guys. Thanks a lot.

  2. must try… thx

  3. Beautiful. Many thanks indeed.

  4. Thanks a bunch. Always wanted a way to batch edit library symbols. Top drawer.

  5. Works like a dream!

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  7. Quite simple and pretty useful thing.

    Previously I used to change bmp’s properties this way:
    1. change properties for ONE bitmap
    2. select other bitmaps
    3. hit Ctrl+Y (Redo)

    but now the process became more convenient :)
    It’s odd but it looks like I always have no time to make tools for myself.
    Thanks for the ext :)

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