No Strings Attached

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‘No Strings Attached’ is a first non-commercial illustration I’ve created in a long time. This piece was entirely created in Adobe Photoshop - no 3D involved. I was trying some new retouching and photo-manipulation techniques and learned a lot about light and shadow. It feels really good to create something without any boundaries or brief - just for a pure fun and training.

The amount of work and time spent into this one is incomparable to it’s general, simple look. You can check detailed Step-by-Step over at Behance.

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8 Responses to “No Strings Attached”

  1. Great, very good, light and touch you’ve said you work, I got a book or file?

  2. Hi Peter,

    Humble Greetings to you !

    The artwork is superb. The case study is really great and inspiring. Will give it a try today. How did you get the metal wire texture on the ropes.. is it possible to do it entirely in Photoshop. Could you please help me know how to get that texture please.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Kindest Regards

  3. Hi Leo,

    The wires are simple combination of metal texture, matte painting + gradients


  4. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your response.

    But its very difficult to understand how to combine metal texture with matte painting and gradients. sorry for not being able to understand that. Is it possible if you could send a sample psd of just ropes to know how to achieve it. my email is please help me.

    I apologize in advance if i have asked to much. SOrry for that.

    Kindest Regards

  5. about this work Peter is more than professional creator of film’s covers from hollywood…

    and best designer from poland i have ever seen

    keep rollin’!

  6. photo retouching

    the retouched photo samples looks just amazing ,hope to see more of this art , ill keep visiting your site

  7. I love how my original picture looks! Hope you don’t mind if I add this to my website.


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