Gold Award for Hyundai i40 at ECB 2011

Gold Award for Hyundai i40 at ECB 2011 We are proud to announce that together with Hyundai Europe we received a Golden Award at Euro Car Body 2011 - 13th Global Car Body Benchmarking Conference! Beating Audi, Mercedes-Benz or BMW. We helped Hyundai technical team to prepare both print and onstage presentation of the new i40 as well as some of the video content including crash test in full CGI.

The winners of the EuroCarBody Award 2011 are:

1 – Hyundai with the new i40
2 – Audi with the new A6
3 – Mercedes-Benz with the new B-class
4 – BMW with the new 1 Series
5 – Mazda with the new CX-5

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